World War 2 Color Photos - Signal Magazine

The Signal magazine was a major weapon of German propaganda during World War 2. It was published by the German Wehrmacht from 1940 through 1945. Signal was the most widely circulated magazine in wartime Europe, its circulation reached maximum of almost 3,000,000 copies per issue and it was published in 20 different languages including English. Signal's modern design (including color photos) and format have been copied by many other magazines after the war.

Signal covered the progress of war on all fronts and color pictures published by Signal are presented here. Signal described the combat conditions of the German troops and their allies in all fronts, together with high quality photos, including a central double page full color one. The editors of Signal had at their disposal more than 1000 cameramen working for the propaganda units of the German army who often used color film, in those times very rare. Propaganda color photos depicted the war on many fronts - on land, in the air and at the sea. Many of the most famous photos of World War II to be seen today are taken from Signal.