World War 2 Color Photos > Western Front 1940, 1944-1945

Western Front 1940, 1944-1945

Flammenwerfer Flammenwerfer 8cm Granatwerfer 8cm Granatwerfer MG 34 machine gun MG 34 machine gun The coast of Dunkerque The coast of Dunkerque
Marching in Paris Marching in Paris Denmark 1940 Denmark 1940 Maginot line Maginot line Maginot line Maginot line Burning house, France 1940 Burning house, France 1940 Motorcyclists Motorcyclists Panzerkampfwagen I Panzerkampfwagen I France 1940 France 1940
Pioneer company Pioneer company Flammenwerfer 35 Flammenwerfer 35 Flammenwerfer 34 Flammenwerfer 34 Antitank gun Antitank gun In France 1940 In France 1940 Shells across the Channel Shells across the Channel Military Parade in Paris Military Parade in Paris Eisenbahngesch├╝tze Eisenbahngesch├╝tze Firing across the Channel Firing across the Channel Observing the situation Observing the situation Norway 1940 Norway 1940 The coast of Norway 1940 The coast of Norway 1940